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Wheelchair vans have provided an opportunity for people with lower body handicap to be more independent and live their life like any normal person would. Thanks to these vans, there is no need for them to sit back at home while their friends and family go out on picnics; there is no need for them to feel embarrassed while being physically carried and placed on the seat. The vans are provided with specially designed ramps and entrance points that allow the wheelchair bound people to ascend and descend from the vehicle easily without help from the others. There are not many retail outlets that specialise in the sales of these specially designed vans. When you are choosing from the ones online, there are certain services to look out for.

A reputed and experienced wheelchair vans dealer will always have new and used vans on sale. More often than not, you can find such dealers online and not in your neighbourhood. Most customers hesitate purchasing from online dealers assuming they will end up being taken for a ride. This is not always the case. When you visit our site, you will notice that all the vans we have on sale carry a description of the features. You can also see the images of the vehicle along with the description to help you take the right decision.

Experienced wheelchair vans dealers will also help you find the right financing options. Vans for the handicapped people are expensive and it is not possible for everyone to afford making a purchase without availing financial assistance from financial institutions. When you visit our site, you will see that we provide various finance options for our clients to choose from. The financial institutions that we have a tie-up with offer loans for the purchase of new and old cars at competitive interest rates. When you choose the right dealer you need not run from pillar to post requesting banks and credit unions for loans. Along with competitive interest rates, you can also benefit from faster loan approvals.

A credible wheelchair vans dealer is the one who offers other value added services such as round the clock customer service and maintenance services. Since these vans are not like the regular automobiles for the able bodied people, it is not easy to find mechanics well versed in repair and maintenance of these vehicles. When you visit our site you will see that we provide maintenance services as a part of the package when you make the purchase if you opt for it. Some of them send their mechanics to your place to perform periodic maintenance or you may have to take it to an authorised service centre in your region.

Spare parts for the wheelchair vans are not easily available everywhere. Reputed dealers sell spare parts for these vehicles in addition to the vehicles itself. When you visit our site, you will find that we have a section dedicated to the spare parts of the wheelchair van that you can purchase when need arises.

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