4 Basic Tips on How to Play Guitar Hero

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Guitar hero is a game for PlayStation 2, Play station 3, X box 360 and Nintendo Wii where you can play a `guitar` which will be in tune with famous tracks. This requires a good sense of music beats, some patience, and love for a few present songs and most important of all - fast - moving fingers something which you can acquire with practice. Though this may seem to be simple, playing on it can be very challenging, mainly at higher levels.

Four steps on how to play a guitar hero:

1. Know your guitar:

A) There is a strum bar which is in the midpoint of guitar. It can be pushed or pulled up/ down to play any note.

B) The whammy bar can be moved to variate the notes produced.

C) The Start button and the Select buttons are fake volume knobs and they shouldn`t be used to turn down the volume.

D) Right handed people use their left hand for holding the guitar neck and place three/four fingers over the fret buttons, keeping their right hand on the strum bar.

E) If you are willing to sit down and play, then you can put the guitar on the lap and if you want to stand up and play, you need to use a strap. It takes sometime to get used to the guitar and you may even personalise the guitar by using stickers.

2. Starting the game:

First connect your guitar to the console and then switch on the TV, the console, the sound system and then insert your game disk.

A) Career - Here lies the maximum fun of the game; there are nearly thirty five songs across 4 levels which allow you to gather money and fame; as once you complete each set, it will increase your position, letting you proceed with a new bunch of songs. You may buy guitars, songs & characters with your earnings.

B) Quick Play - You can play any unlocked song at any level. It also has a table to show your high-scores.

C) Multiplayer - You need two plugged in controllers for this facility.

D) Tutorial - It`s an introduction that gives you an experience by allowing you to play the simple notes without the demands of a complete song.

E) Options - It is important if the player has a wide-screen. A crucial option is the left-flip which turns if you are a left handed person.

3. Play:

You can play the simplest of all songs and if you already have a basic feel of rhythm, you should try the Medium difficulty first. Go to the menu and select `Quick Play` or `Career`, and then you can choose the song. After a message and advice, related or unrelated; you can see an escalating view of the location, the band and your own avatar with a guitar.

4. Advanced techniques:

Star Power - These notes are visible as spinning stars instead of circles and appear in more grand works of music. A long star note gives you extra power if a whammy bar is used on this. If you score plenty of these you can nail it and go into this mode by tilting up the guitar or pushing Select button. On a temporary basis, it doubles your points which you get from the note and largely raises the popularity rate. So try and use it in consecutive notes.

After entering the Star Mode, you cannot exit until the power meter will drain out, so you have to wait until there are notes appearing, else the Star Power will be wasted. You can also use Star Power to help you get through tough parts of songs that you can`t get through otherwise.

Follow the guidelines given here on how to play a guitar hero and soon you can become an expert in it!

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